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Suzuki’s Chairman - Osamu Suzuki Takes a Bow to Wind Up His Career

Osamu Suzuki, the head of Suzuki Motor Corporation has decided to step down and retire from his chairman role at Suzuki Motor Corporation. Osamu, who is now 91 has been working at Suzuki for more than 5 decades now.

Osamu Matsuda was born to Toshiki S. Matsuda and Shunzo on the 30th of October, 1930 in Gero, a town on the side of river stream Hida. He graduated from the Chuo University in 1953 and started his career as a loan officer at a bank.

Osamu Suzuki had married Shoko Suzuki who was the grand-daughter of Michio Suzuki who then was the Head of Suzuki Motor Corporation. After this day his life changed completely. Since the Suzuki family did not have a male heir Osamu Matsuda took charge of the company according to Japanese tradition by taking up the family name and became Osamu Suzuki.

During his career, Osamu has had a huge contribution towards revolutionizing the automotive industry and has played a part in making the industry what it is today.

  • Osamu also was the one to bring Suzuki into the Indian markets and form a partnership with Maruti Udyog Limited which has been close to the hearts of the Indian consumers.

  • Osamu Suzuki has conjointly led the corporate into agreements with major world automotive brands like General Motors in 1981 and with Volkswagen in Dec 2009, so VW might take advantage of Suzuki’s small-car experience and in return Suzuki might benefit from Volkswagen’s technology.

  • Osamu had served as the CEO of Suzuki till he was substituted by his son Toshiro Suzuki in 2016.

However, Osamu Suzuki will still be a part of the Board of Directors at the Suzuki Motor Corporation and act as a Senior Advisor to the company. His contributions to the industry are truly remarkable.


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