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Tata Motors consolidated its rank3 position. & Mahindra outplaced Kia for Rank 4. [ TY Jan to July]

The Indian car Industry has Maruti right on the top and the dominant position is not being challenged for long. For the rank 2 position, Hyundai has extended its lead and has also consolidated its position. However, the positions for rank three, four, and five is where the action is and the Industry is really heating up with a strong fight from Tata, Mahindra, and Kia.

  • Tata Motors seems to have consolidated its position on the rank 3 spot. the cumulative volumes this year stand at 1,78,430 units. As against 61,582 units LY. This was a growth of over 1,16,848 units. The growth of course was greater and faster than the current Industry growth and stood at 189.74% growth.

  • Interestingly Tata build its lead over Mahindra and stood at 62,542 units and also, further strengthened its lead over Kia to 66,380 units.

  • Mahindra which was Rank 4 Last Year, is now rank 3. Mahindra has outplaced Kia for the podium finish. The volumes stood at1,15,888 units. This was a handsome growth of about 59,798 units over LY. The growth of course was better than the Industry average and stood at 106.61%.

  • What changed was Mahindra was able to beat Kia in 4 out of the 7 months and this helped Mahindra to climb up to the third rank for YTD performance. The growth stood at 3,838 units.

  • Kia Motors registered a volume of 1,12,050 units. This was a growth of about 54,935 units. From a percentage perspective, this growth was about 96.18%

  • If we look at the comparison with Mahindra, the lead is a small volume of about 3,838units. This can be covered up / overtaken within a month's time if dispatches are to be higher since the Seltos and Sonet continue to have high demand. However, we should also be aware of the fact that Mahindra has tasted victory after a long time and the XUV7OO will also help add to the cause of retaining the podium position.


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