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Tata Motors registers its highest Q1 Market Share for the past 8 years in Q1 2021!

While Tata Motors gained 4.1% Market Share in Q1 CY2021 when compared to Q1 CY2020; Maruti Suzuki lost -7.3% Market Share in the same time period!

  • Comparing with 2020 Q1 volume growth is irrelevant, due to the transient situation prevailing in 2020 Q1.

  • However, the manufacturer’s performance can be assessed with market share yardstick.

  • Maruti has lost Market share and Tata Motors has gained significant share in Q1 2021.

  • Nissan too has made some positive progress with the launch of Magnite.

  • Maruti has seen a significant drop in market share

  • The absence of diesel engine has badly impacted sales of Vitara Brezza and Dzire

  • Both products have lost respective segment share

  • The absence of a complete and competent SUV/Crossover portfolio is hampering Maruti’s present

  • But not all is bad, Ertiga +XL6 are doing phenomenally well with petrol and CNG engine

  • Another chink in Maruti’s armor is underwhelming and outdated 4-speed torque convertor transmission paired with a 1.5 L engine

  • With all-new and refreshed product line, revitalized sales, Tata has significantly improved market share in Q1 2021

  • Upcoming HBX will certainly help in the future, but Tata has to have sustainable performance

  • Profit is something Tata still needs to manage, as some of this growth is based on discounts

  • Moreover, FCA and Hyundai are sharing more profit by selling diesel engine and 6-speed automatic gearbox to Tata, respectively

Also note that Tata Motors has registered a 67.6% growth YTD FY21 in overall PVs. Tata Motors has exhibited a stellar performance in the passenger vehicles market in India last year, by clocking in over 23,000 unit sales every month successively from October 2020. In FY21 the business registered its highest-ever annual sales in 8 years while posting a growth of 69% versus FY20.


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