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Tata Officials Reply to Delhi Government on Nexon EV Subsidy Revocation

Tata Motor’s Nexon EV is one of the most affordable EVs on the Indian markets as of today. And in order to maintain this Tata has worked really hard to cater to the needs of the common Indian car buyer. However, despite such great efforts, the Nexon EV was in recent news as the Government of Delhi had taken the decision to revoke the subsidy which was presented to buyers for going green under the Delhi EV Policy.

The reason for reverting this incentive for the Nexon EV was given by the Delhi government as substandard driving range. The Tata Nexon EV claimed a supposed 312 kilometres of driving range on a single charge under normal driving conditions. However, there were people who complained that it did not fulfil the claim and were disappointed buying the vehicle.

In an interview with Mint, a business news publisher, a Tata representative responded towards Delhi government’s decision saying- "It is unfortunate to receive this order from the Delhi Transport Commission. We will continue to engage constructively to protect the interests of our customers...As with conventional vehicles (with IC engines), the actual range achieved in EVs is dependent on AC usage, individual driving style and the actual conditions in which the vehicle is driven. The range achievement is also a function of familiarity with the new technology, and customers report improvements upwards of 10% within 4-6 weeks of familiarity.

Despite this, there have been thousands of happy customers of the EV who have been enjoying their ownership experience and are in admiration of the Nexon EV which shows that it is a great vehicle to own nonetheless.


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