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Tata remains the Top CV OEM, but Maruti gains the highest market share in FY2021

The Commercial vehicle sales in the Indian Domestic market saw sharp degrowth. The pandemic held back the industry. We witnessed total degrowth of about 21% for FY2021.

While the attention was more on personal mobility, one should remember the constant lockdowns, protests, and rising cases of covid had put the movement of the commercial vehicle itself on hold. On one side the sale of commercial vehicles itself was very less and on the other hand, the movement was restricted.

OEM wise domestic sales:

  • Tata Motors, Mahindra and Ashok Leyland continued to maintain the top 3 rankings.

  • However, the highest volume drop also came from these three OEMs.

  • Maruti has climbed up the rankings and has delivered the highest growth and volumes shot up by about 7,778 units.

Market Share

  • Highest market share gain came from MSIL. We also saw marginal gains from Ashok Leyland and VE.

  • The highest drop in market share came from Force, Isuzu and Mahindra.


The Industry saw a drop of 1,49,034 numbers for the FY2021, which is about 21% degrowth. Apart from MSIL no other OEM has gained any major ground on the market share front.


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