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The unveiling of CAR: Gordon Murray Automotive’s T50s Niki Lauda

The Gordon Murray Automotive (GMA) T50s Niki Lauda is a track-only form of his super lightweight, T50 supercar, that honours the three-time F1 titleholder.

There will be a limited quantity of only 25 of this car which will be produced.

This comes with a 3.9 litre / V12 engine with 735 HP at high speed.

The car is ultra light with only 852 kg of weight.

The production will commence later this year and deliveries will be done by early 2022.

" Every T50s will have a unique specification," said Murray, so every frame will be very well worn after one of his big honors. The first, for example, is titled Kyalami 1974 and is presented with a unique book that explains the importance of competition and tells its story.

" I badly wanted to avoid what I did with the F1,” said Gordon Murray. “The track versions of that car were adapted after we did the road car. This time, we designed the two versions more or less in parallel, starting on the T50s back in July 2019. So, the monocoque is different, the engine is different, and there’s a new paddle-shift gearbox.”

GMA T50s Niki Lauda: What else is in the package?

In support of the unusual idea of ​​the T50, owners were offered a package called Trackspeed, which includes all-important equipment, jacks, fuel-fillers, and setup instructions for optimally exposing the car to various circuits. Drivers are also offered first-class training if they need it.

Even though the T50 is not seen as an opposing car, Murray says there may still be one race left. He's teamed up with Stefan Rattel, who coordinates a large number of GT World Championship titles, to create a GT1 club for owners some of whom may have to compete - perhaps in the F1 chain if they enter the top prize.


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