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This Year- January to July Car Sales Figures. Maruti & Hyundai lose market share. Tata gains highest

This year 2021 Car Sales Figures January 2021 up to July 2021.

The Auto Industry for cars saw a total volume of about 18,72,129 units. This was about 86.3% higher than last year's same time period. The last year's volumes stood at 10,04,551 units for the same time period. The growth was about 8,67,578 units over the LY same period.

When we look at quarter-wise- quarter 1 ( Jan, Feb & March ) saw a volume of about 9,32,478 units. This was better than Quarter 2 ( April, May & June) which stood at 6,45, 361 units. The primary reasons attributed to the fall of about 2,87,117 units Q2 v/s Q1 of the calendar year were the second covid wave and lockdowns.

  • Maruti Suzuki retained the rank 1 position with 8,56,760 units TY YTD. This was a strong growth of about 67.16% over LY same period. However, the loss in Market share was highest for Maruti Suzuki. It lost more than 5% market share and closed the YTD figures at 45.76% .

  • Hyundai continued to grow better than Maruti in terms of percentage growth. Hyundai registered 82.44% growth at 3,18,746 units. This was driven by their strong SUV portfolio. However, even Hyundai lost a Market share of about 0.37%

  • Tata continues to dominate the growing market with a triple-digit growth rate and managed to touch the above 30k mark for the first time. Tata's market share gain also was highest in the market with a 3.40% gain.

Other Key Highlights:

  • Mahindra outplaced Kia for rank4

  • Maruti had the highest growth in volumes, followed by Hyundai and Tata.

  • Nissan has the highest growth % YTD @ 392.66% growth

  • 5 OEM's lost market share: Maruti, Hyundai, Renault, Ford & Skoda

  • The industry has crossed a monthly volume of 2.5Lakhs+ in 6 out of the 7 months.

  • Citroen Volumes are yet to start and dispatches are below 100 for two months in a row.

  • 8 OEM's continue to have a volume of less than 10,000 all India. Renault, HOnda, Ford, MG, Nissan, VW, skoda & Fiat.


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