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This Year till Date 2021: Top 10 Cars in Growth. Hyundai Creta, Kia Sonet, Maruit Swift, Tata Nexon

Time Period: January 2021 to May 2021.

The Indian car Industry saw a decent run from January 2021 up to May 2021. However, the last month of May did throw the production out of gear and we experienced a dip in production last month. Despite the consistent lockdowns and halt in production, we are poised to grow this calendar year over 2020, and grow handsomely. June will see a strong comeback since the production has started at almost all OEMs. Another point to note is, the growth figures this year will seem high for the obvious reason that last year we had zero production in the month of April 2020, which means we are a full month ahead of last year.

Growth is an important Parameter, which shows how the product has got its appeal in the market. While it may not be very relevant for cars that have long established themselves and have a higher base over Last Year, it is still very relevant for all of us to look at which car has got a higher acceptance from the customers over the last year.

  • Hyundai had 3 cars in the top 10 highest growth cars for this year till date. Hyundai Creta stood at rank 1 with a volume of 57,342 units. The growth was a high of 39,824 units. Hyundai's second SUV the Venue, which was the next offering from Hyundai in the top 10, stood at 7th Rank, with a growth of about 25,387 units. i10 Grand was the last car in the top 10 from Hyundai, with a volume of 23,307 units.

  • Maruti had 5 models in the top 10 growth cars of this current year. Maruti Swift stood at rank 3, followed by Wagon R at 4 and Baleno at Rank 5. The Brezza and Alto came in at rank 8 and 9 in the top 10 cars of growth. Swift Registered a volume of 84,479 cars, which was a growth of 36,630 units.

  • Creta and Sonet have had a close run in terms of growth, both are ranging around 39k units range. Maruti's Swift and Wagon R are ranging about 30k volume growth and take the 3rd and 4th rank. Baleno with 29,059 units came in at Rank 5.

  • Tata's compact UV offering came in 6th with 27,669 units growth followed by Hyundai Venue and Maruti Brezza.


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