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The European Market together with its cumulative size of all its countries is definitely a significant volume generator. Of course, we have a host of big countries like Germany & Italy which contribute to handsome volumes. The top 10 cars of Europe contributed a total of 5,18,483 for the above-mentioned period.

On the other hand, India which is one of the fastest-growing markets in the world has a different set of players dominating the top 10 markets. The total volume stood at 4,34,615 numbers for the above-mentioned period.

  • Volkswagen as expected had the highest number of car units sold in Europe in the top 10 category. VW group had 3 cars. Peugeot had 2 cars in the top 10 cateogry. All the other OEMs had one car each.

  • On the contrary, the Indian Car market had all cars dominated by Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai Alone. In fact, Maruti had the lion's share in the top 10.

  • The Peugeot-208 had the number spot in the Europen car market, with a volume of about 60,957 units. Similar to that of our Swift which was almost at the 60k mark with 59,158 units.

  • VW Golf came in second in the European Market with a volume of 57,372 units. And on the Indian turf, we had Baleno with similar volumes of 57,935 units.

  • Toyota Yaris continues its dream run in the European market and ranked 3. Followed by Opel Corsa at rank 4 in the European Market, It's worth noticing that both had their opportunities in the Indian market, but couldn't shine much.

  • VW had the next two cars in the ranking, T-ROC and Tiguan in the rankings And Skoda Octavia stood at 10th.

  • The top 10 cars in Europe had a volume of 51,843 and the top 10 cars in India had a volume of 43,4615 units. The gap between the two for a period of 3 months stood at 83,868 units. With the Indian market set to grow faster the top 10 cars of course would see a much faster and more volume representation from the Indian Car market.

  • However, it's worth noting that the top 10 cars of the Indian car market, contribute about 47% of the total new car volumes, however, in Europe it's more distributed.


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