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Top 10 Growing Hatch Back in India for FY 21-22. Wagon-R, Baleno, Alto, Altroz & Swift.

The UVs segment may be taking away most of the lime light in the Indian Passenger Vehicle segment, its worth noting that the Hatchback segment still contributes to about 36.52% of the PV industry with a volume of about 6,00,000+ this year till date.

The Indian hatchback segment has been the bread runner for not only years, in fact decades. It is as recent as the last 10 odd months, its contributions have fallen to below 50% of the PV industry. The obvious reason is the shift in customer preferences towards compact SUVs and SUVs. However, one cannot overlook this segment since it still contributes a handsome 6,00,000+ volumes this FY.

  • The top 10 selling Hatchbacks contribute to over 5,54,123 units. This is as high as 92% of the entire hatchback segment. The strong contributions from the top 10 models have also ensured the dominance of their share in the overall top 10 selling cars.

  • The Hatchback segment is more like the Home turf of Maruti Suzuki. Out of the top 5, there are 4 models from Maruti Suzuki ( In terms of growth ). Wagon R Hyundai Manages to get 3 in the top 10 and Tata Motors Manges to get 2 in the top 10 selling Hatchbacks.

  • Wagon R is not only the highest-selling model but has also managed to have the highest growth of 20,880 units. From a percentage perspective, this stood at about 29.11%.

  • Next in line was Baleno, with a volume of about 89,913 units. It stood rank2 in terms of growth with 29.17% growth.

  • Maruti's entry level model Alto, stood at rank 3 in volume and growth with 21.55% growth, with a volume of about 88,671 units.

  • TATA's altroz managed to come in the top 5 categories for growth with 15,720 units and a growth percentage of about 21.55%

  • Swift from Maruti Suzuki was ranked 4 in terms of overall volume, but on the growth front, it slipped one position to rank 5 with a growth rate of 11.42%

With all OEMs having at least 1 launch in this segment by the end of next financial year, this hatchback segment is sure to catch some attention again and the volume trajectory is surely looking at an upward trend.


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