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Top 10 Selling Cars of December 2018

We thank our readers for actively participating in our FIRST contest and sharing your entries. We received an impressive 83 entries and express our gratitude for your whole-hearted participation. Would now want to announce the winners of the contest in this post:

  1. Vijram

  2. Sudipto Chatterjee

Congratulations to the Winners and we shall try to feature them in detail in our model-wise sales report. The Winners shall also have access now to our detailed repository of reports and the new updates would be mailed personally! Join us in congratulating the winners.

A lot of upheaval has happened in the Top 10 selling cars of December 2018. While Alto has regained the Numero Uno slot by a clear margin; Hyundai makes an entry into the Top 3 and surprisingly has 2 of its models in Top 5! The highlights of the Top 10 selling cars data of Dec’18 are:

  1. We believe that for the first time 2 Non-Maruti models shall feature in the Top 5 selling cars list. And both the Non-Maruti models are from the Hyundai’s stable! We have got maximum entries for the contest where the Top 5 cars were guessed to be from Maruti Suzuki (which is the usual trend; however this time it was different and thus the contest was announced).

  2. Hyundai’s Elite i20+Active become the Best Selling Hyundai & Third Best Selling Car of Dec’18. It was not an easy task to outdo Swift & Baleno’s numbers – However; i20’s persistance has made it possible and placed it ahead the biggies. i20 sold almost >800 units more than Baleno!

  3. Even post Santro launch; Grand i10’s performance hasn’t dwindled. It sold an impressive 11,450 units in Dec’18 and was just 340 units short of its competition Swift. Considering the extremely high discounts on Grand i10; the value proposition of the model went very attractive and proved positive in terms of sales.

  4. Celerio sold 9k units and ranked 9th in the list. With Wagon-R undergoing the model change transition; Maruti’s focus on Celerio in Dec’18 worked well in terms of volumes and successfully placed it in the Top 10 selling cars list.

  5. Eeco makes a grand entry into the list. Selling 8,532 units of Eeco is no joke and only Maruti can make it possible. Eeco+Omni combined sold 15,850 units which is higher than the overall sales of Tata, Mahindra & Honda individually 🙂

  6. Though Creta numbers have dropped; it managed to fare at the bottom of the list with a sales of 7,631 units.


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