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Basis the positive feedback on the top 10 cities, we have put in some more effort to get a wider perspective and present to you a more detailed analysis of the top 20 cities in India in terms of car sales for FY 2021.

If one is to look at the significance of these top 20 cities. These top 20 cities contribute to more than two-thirds of the overall passenger vehicles sold in India. This means, for every 10 cars that are sold in India, we have 6 cars selling in these top 20 cities. Basis this logic, it's evident that almost all OEMs start their journey with only these top cities. Any new entrant in the market first builds their network in these top 20 cities and then they move on to the rest of the cities.

Kindly note: These are wholesale data (cars that are shipped from manufacturers to dealerships). Also, we need to keep in mind that few dealerships are based out of multiple cities, and their dispatches may be recorded centrally for few locations. While these volumes may be marginal, we felt it's worth informing our readers.

If one has to look at car segment-wise data, the larger part of the volume of premium hatchbacks, UVs and Premium sedans come from the top 20 cities.

  • The NCR location stood out strong and stood out at first. with a total volume of about 12,443 numbers on average. the Total volume stood at about 1,36,869 cars for FY 2021.

  • Delhi came a close rank 2, with about 1,28,907 numbers sold. One needs to take a quiet pick of the fact that Delhi is no longer the highest-selling city, more cars are sold in the NCR than compared to the capital itself.

  • South's largest and national top 3 rank comes to Bangalore. Interestingly Maruti does not dominate Bangalore like the rest of the country. The customers of Banglaore are welcome to experimentation and prefer a more premium brand identity. Probably the same reason why Nexa does well. And also, Hyundai+ Kia together are very competitive to the Maruti Suzuki Arena volumes.

  • The next southern cousin of Bangalore, Hyderabad comes a close fourth with close to about a lakh cars for the FY 2021. In terms of Population Hyderabad is the sixth most populous metro in India.

  • The financial capital of India has slipped down the rankings and is down to the fifth spot. The slowed-down commercial segment has hit it hard. Also, the higher dependence on public transport logistics has made Mumbai a lesser car lover in the recent past.

  • Ahmedabad pushed its self up the ranking and is now the 6th highest selling city. The second biggest city in the West part of the country has gained popularity with its economic and industrial strengths.

  • Maharashtra is blessed with Pune as it's the second metro in the top 10 cities. Pune was not very far away from Ahmedabad. What has worked in Pune's favour is the recent expansion of corporates, IT, education and manufacturing. It is but obvious that Pune will climb up the ranking in the coming year.

  • The biggest metro in the south, Chennai. is also the manufacturing hub for India. We have the highest number of manufacturers setting up their plants here. close to about 30% of the country's car manufacturing activity happens here. But on the volume front, Chennai is at a distant 8th position for car sales.

  • The largest city in the Eastern part of the country, Kolkata is at rank 9. The Business capital for entire eastern India has always been slow to adapt to new cars.

  • The latest entrant and a surprise jump in the top 10 in Lucknow. The city managed more than 50,000 cars in the FY20221.


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