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Top 25 Selling Cars in India for March 2024

The Top 25 Selling Cars constituted nearly 78% of the cars sold in March 2024. It had 10 models from Maruti, 4 from Tata and Mahindra, 3 from Hyundai, and 2 from Kia and Toyota. Regarding volumes, Maruti Suzuki models contributed over 48 percent to the Top 25!

March 2024 was an interesting month as a Maruti model was not the Numero Uno selling vehicle! Tata Punch emerged as India's best-selling car for March 2024 and Hyundai Creta closed in as the second best seller! It is seldom that the Top 2 positions are held by Non-Maruti and Mar'24 seems to be an abberant exception. However, the trend is supporting uptick in SUVs sales and the Top sellers are a clear indication of the same. Maruti's Wagon R ranked third on the list and was also Maruti Suzuki's best-selling car. We also see Scorpio sales constantly rising up and faring in the Top 10 - Even in Mar'24, it was the best-selling Mahindra and was 7th in the list.


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