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Top Selling cars of February 2021: Compact Sedan Segment

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

The compact sedan has seen handsome double-digit growth. However, one should not be deceived by growth. The growth in volumes can be attributed to two models: Dzire and Tigor. All the other models are facing stiff resistance in terms of growth.

#) Maruti’s flagship Compact Sedan, continues to dominate the space. The rank 1 position has never been breached by anyone in this segment. The same story continues. This Feb was 11,901 numbers, which was a YoY growth of about 63%.

  • Honda Amaze recorded a YoY de-growth of about 15% and was the second best-selling Compact Sedan for Feb'21.

  • Tigor from Tata Motors seems to do capture greater acceptance by the day. A slow start is now converting into stronger momentum with almost double the volumes of LY FEB. Tigor dispatches stood at 1,939 numbers.

  • Hyundai’s Xcent/Aura continues to clock the 4,000 numbers. However, when you look at a year-on-year perspective there is a degrowth of about -13%.


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