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Top-Selling Premium Hatchbacks of February 2021

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

The premium hatchback is the most attractive segment. Where all OEM’s want their piece of the pie. This segment is not only for volume but also a platform for OEMs to showcase their host of features that can be offered at a High-value proposition.

#) Maruti Baleno, once used to compete with the i20 on a neck-to-neck level every month. Now, it stamps its dominance in a very strong manner.

Baleno establishes a growth of 21% and crosses the 20,000 volume mark.

#) i20, surprisingly is still at below 10,000 numbers, considering the fact that the new refresh has been launched recently.

#) Tata Altroz the game-changer for TATA, has helped propel TML into the premium hatch segment.

We clearly see the car making its presence felt in the February figures. The growth is a staggering 143%

#) The rest of the OEM’s do not throw a surprise apart for volume gain at Polo. One would attribute the volume growth to the low base of LY February.


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