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Top Selling Premium SUVs of February 2021

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Often called the cars that describe your richer social status and tough looks, the Premium SUV segment has seen strong growth for a long time now.

We continue to see growth month after month for the leaders in this segment. If we overlook the constraints of supply in between, this segment is a money-spinner for the OEM Dealerships and OEMs and has been constantly delivering its volumes.

  • Toyota Fortuner, the segment leader: continues its dominance in the segment. with close to 36% growth over LY.

  • The rest of the market is shared amongst Ford Endeavour, which also sees a handsome growth of about 44%. The brand registered a volume of 801 cars.

  • The MG Gloster being a new launch registered a retail volume of 463. And Tucson had 152 dispatches against its name.

  • Alturas and Tiguan have registered below 100 numbers.


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