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Want to be a Pundit?

Auto Punditz have always been finicky about Automobiles Sales Statistics and we have been studying the Industry Trends very closely from the past 7 years. We are a close bunch of Auto Aficionados and strongly believe in the content that we post on our site. Many a times we let our statistics do the talking and let our readers visualize the data. However, we are wanting to expand our expertise and provide a much surreal experience to our readers.

Hence, we are looking for more ‘Punditz‘ to join our team. Now, who exactly is a Pundit? This is what Google had to say –

If you feel that your views on the Auto Industry needs to be heard and want to be a part of the ethos which believes that it is ‘Not just another Automotive Website’; then mail us your profile at with the required writeup –

  1. How long you’ve been following Auto Punditz and why?

  2. 10 Innovations that is going the revolutionize the Indian Automotive landscape in the next 10 years

  3. What is it about Automotive Journalism that excites you?

  4. Your favorite memory with a Car/Bike

  5. The Best Automotive OEM/Product Ad till date


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