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Xiaomi to make cars?

According to one of the reports published by Gizmo China, many sources have said that Xiaomi is planning to make a new car.

Xiaomi is a technology major who is involved in everything from smartphones to smart home systems, smart glasses, laptops, and TVs. As per the latest news, they are looking to enter the new car market. Currently headed by Lei Jun, Xiaomi has made leaps into many new technological avenues. It is worth noting that Lei Jun had earlier met Tesla CEO Elon Musk during his visits.

Image source : Gizmochina

If an electric car is where they are looking to enter, this would heat up the existing electric car market for India as well, where Tata Motors has more than 60% market share in the electric car segment.

Earlier we have seen cases where Sony has shown its interest in designing its own new car. Apple has made its interest in the electric car public. With more and more Tech giants showing their interest in the electric car market, it's getting very interesting how the new players adapt to the car market and how the existing players up their game to compete with the new challenge.


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