Electric Scooter Sales Statistics – FY2020

Do read our analysis of Electric Vehicle Sales for FY2020 before going through this article – here

Electric Scooter sales has been slowly picking up and a lot of OEMs are entering the segment. Even the likes of Ola has bought e-Scooter makers like Etergo and planning to bring the offerings to the Indian market in near future. With gradually improving charging infrastructure; the industry is foreseeing a respectable demand in coming times. However; a higher price of the models compared to IC counterpart, lesser availability of charging options and lower range has affected the overall sales of electric two wheelers.

Over 24k electric scooters were sold in India between April 2019 to March 2020. Okinawa Electric became the No.1 Electric Scooter manufacturer for FY2020 and commanded a Market Share of 42.2%! The OEM wise e-Scooter sales for FY2020 is as shown –

Source: AutocarPro
  • Do note that only high-speed electric scooter sales is considered here. Sales of low-speed electric scooters (speed lower than 25 kmph) has been excluded. Majority of the sales in the e-Scooter space comes from the low-speed scooters.
  • Okinawa topped the list of the OEMs selling high-speed electric 2 wheelers in India for FY2020. It was also the only OEM to cross 10k  sales for the previous fiscal year.
  • Hero Electric came in second position with sales of 7,399 units. Hero Electric has been in this space for quite a long time and has strong overall volumes in the overall electric 2w segment. Hero Electric also has one of the highest dealership network among all other manufacturers.
  • Ather Energy recorded sales of 2,908 units and ranked third in the list. Ather 450 has been the enthusiasts choice in the segment and has a good demand from cities like Bangalore, Pune, Chennai etc.
  • Ampere registered sales of 2,499 units and Revolt came in 5th with sales of 1,062 units.

OEM-wise Electric Scooter Sales & Market Share for FY2020 – 

OEM FY2020 Mkt Share
Okinawa 10,133 42.2%
Hero Electric 7,399 30.8%
Ather Energy 2,908 12.1%
Ampere 2,499 10.4%
Revolt 1,062 4.4%

  • Okinawa & Hero Electric combined commanded a Market Share of 73%!
  • Ather & Ampere could cross 10% Market Share each.
  • Revolt started off late and could grab a Market Share of 4.4% in FY2020.

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  1. Hi Auto Punditz team,

    Could you please share the Monthly Product Wise Domestic Sales data for EVs in 2W Segment.
    eg. Total Domestic EVs Segment in Sales data of Hero Electric (OEM) is 7,399 i.e.(FY’20) with the Market Share of 30.8%(Source-https://www.autopunditz.com/news/electric-scooter-sales-statistics-fy2020/ ) but Monthly Which/How much EVs it sold in the Domestic Market.

    Waiting for the soonest and Positive Revert on the same.

    Vishakha Upadhyaya

  2. Hi auto Punditz I almost read all 175 pages of you from 2011 or 2009 sales data the starting year data was best presnented the old style is good and very elaborative detailed and keeps one glued .

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