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10 most essential must have car accessories

Every car comes with a host of standard accessories like Stepney / Rear View Mirrors/ Bumpers and Audio System etc.

A buyer is often offered a host of accessories during purchase and also by his/her exposure to the various other accessories available.

It can often become a dilemma, on what to procure and what to postpone for later.

We list a few accessories that are essential to enhance your car driving experience.

1. Floor mats

Floor mats keep your car interior protected from mud and dirt and make it look fresh. Floor mats can be easily cleaned and maintaining them isn’t a problem, they absorb the water from your feet and keep the carpet dirt-free. Therefore it is essential to have floor mats for car

2. Car cover

This is an elementary accessory. Especially so when the Car Owner does not own a Garage or has a lot of jealous and playful neighbors. The Car is exposed to the elements and/or can be scratched playfully by others.

The Cover also protects in case of elements like rain/sun/dust/grime/bird droppings/insects like caterpillars etc.

The paint will not fade if the Cover is used efficiently.

3. Cleaning cloth

Most useful for wiping off dust/dirt/grime etc. when your car is parked in such places.

Cleaning Cloths are of soft material and will not cause abrasions to the paint and exteriors of the car, when wiped.

4. Seats covers

The driver and his/her companions spend maximum time in the car. Hence, comfortable seat covers ensure a happy driving experience.

Seat Covers now come with many plush features to enable a comfortable ride. There are now available many new innovations including; acupressure-based covers, sweet-smelling covers too to create a pleasurable experience.

5. Air freshener

A sweet-smelling car is always a pleasant car to drive. Investing in a nice air freshener makes your car smell nice often just the inspiration for a long drive.

6. Puncture repair kit

Today cars come with Tubeless Tyres. These tyres help in driving a car even in case of small punctures. And repairing a puncture for these tyres requires an expert hand.

In such a scenario, it is advisable to carry a Puncture Kit along with a proper Stepney, to avoid embarrassment during driving.

For conventional tube tyres, a Puncture Kit is all the more recommended.

7. Pressure Gauge and Tyre Inflator

A perfect pressure, as recommended by the manufacturer, goes a long way in ensuring that the fuel efficiency is optimum and the driving experience is comfortable.

A tyre inflator can help in inflating the tyres in case of small emergencies.

8. GPS

Many cars today come fitted with GPS navigators, connected through phone and internet. There are many apps too, that guide navigation. However, GPS accessories are needed for keeping continuous track of your car. This is especially useful in the case of tracking the car when there is a scope of it getting stolen.

9. Parking Camera and sensors

Today, most cities have become very crowded and offer very limited parking spaces. It becomes imperative to be able to use the limited space provided for parking optimally.

Often, this requires great expertise and damages, during parking ability inadequacies, can be very expensive. It can be addressed to a large extent by installing Parking Cameras and sensors. However, many high-end cars of today come fitted with Parking Cameras and Sensors with great precision.

10. Jumper cable

This accessory works by not shutting down the car’s accessories when the engine is shut down for long.

Now, in these Covid times, it is advisable to always have additional quantities of Hand Sanitizers, Sanitizer Sprays, and Masks too, for the driver and the occupants, for safety.


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