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35 Years of THE ICONIC Tata 407!

Tata Motors is celebrating 35 years of the TATA 407. This iconic vehicle was introduced in 1986, it’s a household name when it comes to commercial vehicles.

Tata 407 was launched 35 years back on 21 Feb 1986

The TATA 407 is not just a pick up truck, it is an emotion that has established itself in the deep roots of many Indian Customers. Launched in the year1986, the Tata 407 had shattered Indo-Japanese competition including Eicher-Mitsubishi, DCM Toyota, Swaraj Mazda and Allwyn-Nissan. Popularly known as just the '407' the vehicle transformed the light commercial vehicle segment with an Indian-built solution! Similar to most other Tata commercial vehicles, the ‘4’ in 407 came from its maximum tonnage capacity - four tonnes, while 07 represents the 70bhp diesel engine that powered it.

Throwback Ad of Tata 407

It is also nicknamed as “ The Non Stop Profit Machine” by many. The 407 has evolved into an SFC Styled Cabin vehicle. The 407 has been applied to multiple uses from the Market Vendors, Fruit Vendors, FMCG vendor, E-commerce and what not.

The Tata 407, has a very strong market share presence, at claims to be the market leader in terms of market share, in the LCV segment. This vehicle claims to have sold 12 lakh units till date. The 407 model range includes trucks, tippers, pick-ups, and construction.


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