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About 43% of Toyota India’s volumes this year, came from Maruti sourced models!

The Toyota & Maruti partnership made global news since both were significant players in Indian and the overseas market. Both OEM's play by their strengths in different markets. In the Indian Market, of course, Maruti has a head start with a better network, connect and acceptance. Toyota however has also managed to craft a niche for itself. Toyota continues to hold leadership in 3 segments which it is present in India, The Innova, Camry & Fortuner.

The partnership between the two stands at multiple levels, right from sharing of models right up to technology. Currently, we are witnessing two models being manufactured by Maruti and being supplied to Toyota India, the Baleno which is named Glanza, and the Brezza which is named Urban Cruizer.

  • Toyota is currently ranked 6 in the Indian Market. Toyota continues to have its homegrown brands like Innova, Fortuner & Yaris along with the Maruti supplied models like Glanza and Urban Cruiser.

  • The monthly average stood at 10,104 units. Which saw a high of 14,997 volume and a low of 707 units.

  • Toyota has seen a consistent volume of around 10,104 units. We saw a drop in the month of April 2021where the volumes hit below 10,000 for the first time and may month had the lockdowns impacting the total volume of Toyota.

  • Urban Cruiser and Glanza contributed consistently about 50,000 numbers month on month until this May.

  • Maruti's models have got decent acceptance under the Toyota Umbrella. The Glanza is averaging at around 2153 units YTD. and Urban Cruiser around 2240 units YTD.

  • The Urban Cruiser has sold about 11,204 units YTD for Toyota along with Glanza at 10,768 units. together the Maruti-supplied units contributed about 21,972 units.

  • The nearest to this came Innova which stood at 19,320 units. All other Toyota Models have sold below 10,000 units YTD.

  • Maruti's contribution to Toyota's total sales has averaged at 43.49%. With a high of 94.91% in the month of May and a low of 37.61% in the month of February.

Things get exciting even further, we have seen the recent images on the SNS where we saw the Wagon R with the Toyota Badge and rumors of the Ciaz also being available in Toyota along with the development of a new SUV from Toyota for the Indian Market, which could be sold in both Maruti and Toyota. One thing stands out that both the OEMs have benefited from the partnership so far and the synergy in terms of technology for a hybrid would help take things to the next level.


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