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Car of the Year – Nominees Special


Various Automobile Publishers & Media houses are busy testing the cars launched in 2014 and announce the winner based on the assessment of the panel. Also some are collecting the Viewers/Readers choice for the award.

However, at Management Punditz we strongly believe that a car’s importance to the overall brand and us depends on the ‘VOLUMES’ it contributes to the portfolio. We are closely scrutinizing the cars that were launched in 2014 with respect to the percentage share they are building up their OEM’s business since the day they were launched in the Indian Market. The statistics will be shared with the result on 1 Jan, 2015.

Without much ado, let’s look at the Management Punditz nominations for the coveted Award –

While we’ll announce the Winner with the rankings on 1 Jan, 2015; we’ll be happy to hear from you on your choice for the award. Do share your views on the comments section!

Note: Cars such as Fiat Punto Evo, updated Maruti Alto, updated Chevy Sail, etc are exempted from the list due to their low significance or variance from their earlier counterparts.


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