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Cars which got dis-continued in 2021.

Please Note: Only those cars which were in production for the year 2020 and not in production, that is ZERO DISPATCHES, in 2021 are taken for this article.

The Year 2021, has been an interesting year for OEMs with regards to managing their portfolios. The car manufacturers had to take hard calls on a few of their cars, since there were a lot of challenges mounting. Few OEM's had the challenge of the upgraded safety norms, few had the BS VI upgradation challenges, few products had lived their life cycle and had to be offloaded from the portfolio and the biggest challenge of sustaining low volumes of a few cars which goes beyond a certain level of sustainability.

  • Tata Motors had shed a lot of the old cars from its portfolio. The hatch back Bolt had already reduced its volumes to the a double digit level and the writing was on the wall for bolt, with the new hatch backs Altroz and Tiago doing well for Tata motors, it made sense to put the car Bolt on the side. Same was the case with Zest, the elder sibling of Bolt. Hexa ofcourse was replaced with a stronger range of Premium SUV's from TATA.

  • Mahindra shelved 3 cars. Xylo volumes were again down to double digit and verito was seeing a low volume of triple digit in the previous year. TUV300 failed to sustain volumes and had a very low volume of 1701 in 2020, Mahindra discontinued the three models in 2021 and has focused on Thar and the trimmed model portfolio.

  • VW Ameo had a short stint in the Indian car market. With the likes of stronger and more dominant brands, VW failed to hold onto the product. Same was the case with Nissan Sunny, which had a promising start, however it lost track mid course. Nissan Micra also had to wrap up its story here.

  • Maruit Gypsy: The car had been a strongly preferred of roader and SUV of many, however maruti always had more B2B/Govt. orders of Gypsy because of which it was not a car that was aggressively promoted for the retail customers. However, with the next generation of the Gypsy which is the Jimny, is expected to hit the Indian markets later this year of early next year. The excitement around the elder sibling of gypsy would be something to watch out for.


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