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COMMERCIAL VEHICLE ANALYSIS Q1: FY 2021-2022. Tata, Mahindra, Ashok Leyland, Maruti Suzuki & Others.

The Passenger vehicles Industry registered a volume of about 1.05L units. This was a strong growth of about 74,164 Units over LY . The Industry growth was driven by Tata Motors which grew massively by more than 33,551 units. Followed by Mahindra which grew by 18,447 units and Ashok Leyland which grew by 13,175 units.

Few Key Highlights for Q1 were :

  • Tata Motors Gains Highest Market Share. Cross 40% once again

  • Mahindra looses more than 17% market share

  • Ashok Leyland gains by 13,175 units and registers 10.67% market Share

  • Maruti Gains 2,867 Units. However, market share gain is flat @ 0.08%

  • Volvo Eicher looses 0.94% Market Share @ 3.7% with 3,971 Units

  • Medium & Heavy Commercial Segment under the goods category registered a volume of about 28,072 units. The growth stood at about 23,890 units. Tata Motors, retained the Rank1 spot here with a growth of over 14,086 units. The market Share stood at around 60%. All other OEM's had same /similar market share status and were in line with the Industry movement.

  • The Passenger Carriers of Medium & Heavy Commercial Segment, was a low volume affair. As expected, Ashok Leyland had outplaced the earlier leaders Tata and Volvo, due to their intense focus on B2B & B2C segments. Ashok Leyland is now the market leader in this segment.

  • Force continues to dominate the LCV passenger segment. With a dominant market share of of 65%+ Force registered a volume of 2,816 units. Tata Motors, gained momentum in this segment, where as LY the volumes stood at 257 units. The other drop in market share came from Volvo Eicher in this segment which registered a volume of 113 units. which was a degrowth. The drop was about 13% in the market share.

  • The LCV Segment continues to grow and grow handsomely. The Segment grew by a whopping 45,972 units. The volumes stood at 72,345 units. Mahindra Retained the rank 1 position, however had a massive drop in market share of about -12.52%. The market share came down below 50% and stood at 46.16%. Tata Motors saw a strong come back in this segment. Tata Motors gained 9.62% market share and registered a market share of 34.03% with a volume of 24,618 units.


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