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Compact SUV Sales in May 2021 - Sonet outsells Nexon, Venue and Brezza!

With dispatches of 6,627 units, Kia Sonet emerged as the best-selling Compact SUV for May 2021. It is the second time since launch that the Sub-4m Compact SUV from Kia became the best-selling car in the segment. Sonet outsold the likes of Nexon, Venue and Brezza to take the top spot.

It was in November 2020 that Sonet had emerged as the best-selling Compact SUV (source). The dispatches of the model had averaged ~8k units/month and due to comparatively better production/shipments in May'21, the model could become the No.1 Compact SUV.

The Compact SUV segment is currently the hottest segment in India right now. It has gained tremendous volumes in the country over the years and was India's largest segment in terms of volumes for May 2021! It recorded sales of over 24k units in May 2021 and outsold the Compact Hatch segment last month! The segment has offerings from the majority of the OEMs in India and the likes of Kia, Toyota, Nissan & Renault too entered the segment in 2020.

  • Kia Sonet finished on top of the sales charts as the highest-selling Sub-4m Compact SUV in the country with the shipment of 6,627 units. It outsold Tata Nexon its sibling Hyundai Venue and Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza to clinch the top position.

  • Nexon has emerged as Tata's most successful model and has been gaining popularity post-G-NCAPs 5-star rating. The model sold 6,439 units in May 2021 and toppled Venue/Brezza to claim the second spot in the ranking table.

  • Hyundai Venue dispatches stood at 4,840 units and ranked third. The model volumes declined 57 percent in May 2021 v/s April 2021.

  • Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza recorded shipments of 2,648 units and could take the fourth spot.

  • Renault Kiger and Nissan Magnite dispatches have almost been similar and even in May'21, the models were just some units short of each other. While 1,326 units of the Kiger were shipped in May 2021; Nissan's Magnite dispatches were 1,200 units. Kiger and Magnite ranked fifth and sixth respectively.

  • Ford Ecosport managed to rank seventh in the list with sales of 503 units in May 2021 and was ahead of Toyota's Urban Cruiser and Mahindra XUV300.

  • Mahindra XUV300 was pushed to the ninth spot in the table as the dispatches were a meager 251 units in May'21. It also recorded the highest M-o-M decline last month.

  • Honda WRV ranked tenth and just 192 units were shipped in May 2021.

Compact SUV Sales for May 2021 and M-o-M Comparision -


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