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Controlling a vehicle 2500 km through remote control with 5G : Sony and NTT Docomo show the way

Sony Corporation and NTT Docomo announced that they successfully remotely controlled Sony's Sociable Cart (SC-1) entertainment vehicle, carrying passengers in Guam, from their base in Tokyo, 2,500km away, via the 5G network.

Videos of the perimeter of the vehicle were captured with Sony image sensors and sent in real-time to a Sony office in Tokyo, from where the vehicle was driven remotely as the operator watched a monitor, having the advantage of 5G's low latency, large capacity, and extra-high-speed connectivity.

The 5G network was provided by Docomo Pacific, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Docomo.

The SC-1's image sensors were mounted on the vehicle's front, rear, and sides.

High-resolution video of the vehicle's entire perimeter was then viewed by the remote operator and also by the passengers, who were watching an on-board monitor.

The use of these ultra-high-sensitivity sensors and high-resolution monitors allowed the operator to view surroundings clearly, including at night without using headlights.

As autonomous mobility emerges, remote operation and monitoring will become increasingly important.

The cross-border operation of vehicles will enable global mobility services that will benefit even personnel working in various time zones.

Docomo says it will use the know-how obtained through this trial to enhance customer experiences in other fields including entertainment, overseas travel, and addressing as workstyle reform.

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