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December 2020 Car Sales – Snapshot

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Around 2,76,412 passenger cars were sold in the Indian market for December 2020. The sales increased by 17.7% in Dec’20 v/s Dec’19.

It is encouraging to see the Indian Passenger Vehicle industry recording growth FIVE months in succession. After a 19.6% YoY growth in Aug (source), 31.14% growth in Sep’20 (source), 17.5% growth in Oct’20 (source) and 8.8% growth in Nov’20 (source) – the industry has registered almost 18% YoY growth in Dec’20. Do note that the growth is against a low base in last year due to BS6 transition. However; a lot of fast selling models are now commanding a waiting period of 2-9 months which is a very positive sign for the industry.

OEM-wise Sales Snapshot for December 2020 –

  1. Maruti Suzuki retains >50% Market Share in Dec’20. However; its MS plummeted by -1.4% YoY.

  2. Tata Motors continues its dream run and grew a phenomenal 84% YoY and the growth was one of the highest in the Industry! Tata Motors also recorded the highest Market Share growth in Dec’20 (it jumped from 5.4% in Dec’19 to 8.5% in Dec’20).

  3. Kia Motors India volumes saw a 154% YoY increase. But; it was pushed to FIFTH position in the table. M&M regained its fourth spot and was a comfortable >4.2k units ahead of Kia.

  4. Hyundai grew a moderate 25% YoY and held to its Market Share by 1% v/s Last Year.

  5. MG crossed 4k volumes for second consecutive month! Its YoY growth was a stellar 32.7% and overtook the likes of VW & Ford in Dec’20!

Market Share Graph for December’20 –


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