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December 2021 Car Sales – Snapshot

Around 2,54,270 passenger cars were sold in the Indian market for December 2021. The sales dropped by 8 percent YoY. However; the sales increased by a marginal 3.7 percent when compared to November 2021.

The semiconductor shortage still persists and is impacting the supplies accordingly. The OEMs also were cautious in terms of rationalizing dispatches in December 2021 considering the year-end. December 2021 was one of the worst Decembers for discount seekers/buyers as lower stock at the dealerships meant lower discounts for the end customer.

Tata Motors ended the year on a high note and surpassed Hyundai India's volumes in December 2021. Tata Motors recorded a 10-year high monthly sales in Dec’21 and registered a growth of 50% vs Dec’20! The stellar sales performance by Tata Motors has helped the OEM a decade-high quarterly sales of 99,002 units in Q3 FY22 with a growth of 44% vs Q3 FY21.

  • Hyundai recorded the highest drop in Market Share YoY and the volumes fell by 31.8 percent in Dec’21 v/s Dec’20. The abnormal drop in Dec'21 cost the OEM its second spot in the OEM wise sales.

  • Tata continues to perform well (source) and has been finally able to supersede Hyundai to rise to the No.2 position. It gained the highest Market Share in Dec'21 over last year and has seen great traction for all its models. The launch of Punch has given the much-required push for the Indian auto manufacturer.

  • Maruti has been struggling without new model launches and the oust of diesel from the lineup has also impacted sales to a certain extent. As per reports, Maruti is now planning a product offensive strategy and will be eyeing the SUV segment.

  • M&M volumes increased by 8.9 percent in Dec 2021 over Dec 2020 and was placed at the fourth spot in the ranking table. The Indian automaker had a very successful launch of the XUV700 and over 22 percent of Mahindra's volumes came from the new model.

  • Kia was pushed to the seventh rank and sales dropped 34 percent YoY. Kia India also lost 1.2 percent Market Share!

  • Toyota maintained its lead over the likes of Renault and Honda to place itself in the fifth spot.

  • Renault sold 6,130 units of its cars in December 2021 compared to 9,800 units in the same period last year. The majority of sales for Renault come from Kwid, Triber, and Kiger.

  • Honda Cars registered monthly domestic sales of 7,973 units in December 2021. City remained the best-selling Honda for December 2021.

  • MG sold 2,550 units in December 2021 compared to 4,010 units in December 2020. Even Astor couldn't help MG improve volumes as the semiconductor shortage impacted production negatively.

  • Škoda India recorded 3,233 units dispatches. The sales shot up 148 percent YoY!

  • Nissan sold 3,010 units in Dec 2021, compared to a dismal 1,159 units in Dec 2020, and helped the OEM record YoY growth of 160 percent last month.

Market Share Graph for December 2021 –


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