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Discount & Offers on Jeep Cars Models for December 2023

December brings exciting opportunities for prospective Jeep buyers with a range of discounts and benefits across various models. The offerings on Jeep vehicles this month are designed to cater to diverse preferences and budgets, providing a brief insight into the available deals:

New Compass

The Jeep New Compass series offers a spectrum of discounts on different variants:

  • New Compass Sport 2.0D MT: A discount of ₹40,000 (inclusive of GST) is applicable to VIN 23 models.

  • New Compass Night Eagle, Limited, 5th Anniversary, and Model S (O2) Variants: These variants enjoy discounts of up to ₹85,000 on VIN 23 models, accompanied by corporate offers and exchange bonuses.

  • New Compass Limited (O) 4x4 2.0D AT: A discount of ₹50,000 is available on VIN 23 models along with corporate benefits and exchange bonuses.

  • New Compass Sport 1.4Mair DDCT: The VIN 23 model of this variant is discounted by ₹40,000.

Special Offers on Meridian Models

The luxurious Meridian lineup presents an attractive ₹2,00,000 discount across all variants.

Exclusive Offers for Doctors & Leasing Companies

Jeep extends special benefits to doctors and leasing companies:

  • Jeep Compass (MY23) & Meridian: These categories can avail ₹15,000 and ₹30,000 benefits, respectively, valid from 1st to 31st December 2023.

Grand Cherokee VIN’22 & VIN’23

The Grand Cherokee models showcase benefits worth ₹11,85,000, enhancing their appeal in the premium segment.

December is an opportune time for those considering a Jeep purchase, given the array of discounts available. However, buyers are encouraged to visit the nearest dealership promptly to ensure they capitalize on these offers before the end of the month.

Disclaimer: Offer details are subject to change, and buyers are advised to confirm the current specifics at the dealership.

Take advantage of these December offers from Jeep to make your automotive dreams a reality!


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