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Discount & Offers on Nexa Models for April 2021

Baleno : Benefits upto Rs.34, 000 (Cash Discount of Rs. 10k + Exchange Bonus of Rs.10k + ISL discount of Rs.4k + Holi Booking & Retail Scheme Rs.10k)

Ciaz: Benefits upto Rs. 35, 000 (Cash Discount of Rs.10k + Exchange Bonus of Rs. 15k + ISL discount of Rs. 10k)

Ignis: Benefits upto Rs.44, 000 (Cash Discount of Rs. 25k + Exchange Bonus of Rs.15k + ISL discount of Rs.4k)

XL6: Benefits upto Rs.14, 000 (Exchange Bonus of Rs.10k + ISL discount of Rs.4k)

S-Cross: Benefits upto Rs.67, 000. Sigma 8 + kit worth 37k + exchange Bonus of Rs.20k + ISL discount of Rs.10k)

S-Cross except Sigma: Benefits upto Rs.45,000 (Cash Discount of Rs.15k + Exchange Bonus of Rs. 20k + ISL discount of Rs.10k)


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