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February 2022 Car Sales – Snapshot

Around 3,02,756 passenger cars were sold in the Indian market for February 2022. The sales remained stagnant and dropped by 2 percent when compared to February last year.

Market Share of the Top 2 OEMs are being eroded slowly and the Indian Auto majors (Tata & Mahindra) are gaining hold over the successful new model launches by each of them. The trend is visible in Feb'22 too and Maruti lost 2.7% MS and Hyundai's share dipped by 2.2%. While Tata's Market Share gain was the highest at 4.4% and Mahindra's share increased by 4.1% when compared to Feb last year.

The Germans (Skoda & VW) are betting big with the new launches and with the dispatches of Slavia - Skoda volumes shot up by a mammoth 448% YoY. VW is also set to unveil the Virtus in March 2022 and would be trying to sparkle the executive sedan segment.

  • Maruti Suzuki sales dropped 7.5 percent and lost over 2.6% Market Share.

  • Hyundai recorded a drop of 2.2%in Market Share YoY and the volumes fell by 14.6 percent in Feb'22 v/s Feb’21.

  • Tata continues to perform well (source) and has been fighting hard to rise to the No.2 position. It gained the highest Market Share in Jan'22 over last year and has seen great traction for all its models. The launch of Punch & now CNG models has given the much-required push for the Indian auto manufacturer.

  • M&M volumes shot up by 79.2 percent in Feb 2022 over Feb 2021 and was placed at the fourth spot in the ranking table.

  • Kia jumped back to the fifth rank and sales increased 8.5 percent YoY. Kia India has shaken the MPV market with a breakthrough pricing for Carens and over 28% of Kia's volumes came from Carens in Feb'22!

  • Renault sold 6,568 units of its cars in February 2022 compared to 11,043 units in the same period last year. The majority of sales for Renault come from Kwid, Triber, and Kiger.

  • MG sold 4,528 units in February 2022 compared to 4,329 units in February 2021. Improved Astor supplies helped the OEM gain 4.5 percent volumes YoY. However; the supplies is still not as expected due to the semiconductor shortage.

  • Škoda India recorded 4,503 units dispatches. The sales shot up 428 percent YoY and is supported by Slavia dispatches in Feb'22!

Market Share Graph for February 2022 –


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