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Ford Mondeo to be phased out by early 2022

Ford Mondeo will be phased out next year, 29 years after its production.

The Car enjoyed a cult status amongst, especially, a certain type of British enthusiasts.

The car sold more than five million units in the UK since its launch in 1993.

It enjoyed popularity amongst both the family and the executive segments.

However, off-late, SUV, and lower emission cars have captured the attention of these segments.

Ford will be stopping production of the car from its Valencia Plant from early 2022.

Ford too has been forced to re-evaluate its product portfolio as the industry sees a rapid transition towards zero-emission cars.

By 2030, only fully electric cars will be sold by Ford in the European and UK market, And every present model of cars will have the option of hybrid or electric power transmission by 2026.

"Today is another step on Ford's electrification journey, providing a bridge to an all-electric passenger vehicle future," said Kieran Cahill, vice-president of manufacturing at Ford of Europe.

However, the end of the Mondeo will signal the end of an icon's story. The Mondeo had developed a huge emotional connection with a generation of users beyond its functional use as an executive saloon and estate vehicle.

On hearing the news the BBC's business correspondent Simon Jack tweeted: "This feels like the end of a political era."

The car enjoyed its heydays in the 1990s.

The car had its heyday in the 1990s

The then British PM Mr.Tony Blair, in 1996, drew analogies from the Mondeo’s attributes to attract the then-new age voters, with a no-nonsense/hardworking/centrist attitude, to the new vision of the then Labour party. following for years to come.

While the Labour Party has since moved on from Mr.Blair’s vision, the Mondeo continued to be popular. within its cult followers, even as sales dwindled year after year.

In 2020, SUVs contributed to 40% of Ford’s Passenger Vehicle Sales – from 31% in 2019.

However, in the changing times, the hatchback is now no longer is the aspirational model for the hardworking person's desires, although it offers the values of comfort, spaciousness, safety, and economic sense. An aspiration of old … not flashy but with a commanding presence for the suburban driver.

This segment now aspires now for their smaller versions, the Crossovers

And this means that the Mondeo Man now has to make way for the SUV Steve and Crossover Kate.


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