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Fuel Mix Analysis - PV Sales H1 2022

H1-2022 diesel mix settled around 19%, CNG mix reached to 11% and electric mix to 1.1%. Petrol is dominating fuel in small vehicle category and diesel dominates large vehicle category. Mahindra, Toyota, Jeep and KIA have diesel heavy mix due large UV product portfolio. Mahindra Bolero is best-selling diesel vehicle, Wagon-R is best-selling CNG vehicle & Tata Nexon is the best-selling EV.


  • Diesel mix settled around 19% in BS6 emission standard era

  • CNG has substituted petrol mix in small vehicles and MUV, now stand at 11%

  • BEV mix reached to 1.1% in 2022

Body style, Chassis & Size

Here we split the data based on size, chassis and body style to get a clear picture of fuel choice in each category.

Small (Less than 4m)

  • Petrol remains dominant fuel for small vehicles

  • CNG has emerged as popular choice of fuel in small vehicles

  • Diesel is preferred choice of fuel for ladder-frame-chassis vehicle

  • Diesel is almost dead in hatchback category

Mid-size (4m-4.5m)

  • Overall fuel mix is widely distributed in this size-wise category

  • Petrol is major mix in sedan category as most manufacturers don’t offer diesel engines or diesel automatic option

  • Monocoque chassis SUV have strong diesel mix

  • CNG has made strong in-road in monocoque MUV sub segment

Large-size (4.5m+)

  • As weight and size goes up, diesel becomes preferred choice

  • For ladder chassis, diesel is the most preferred choice for hauling thirsty vehicles

  • Diesel engine is still a must in this category to churn good volume


  • Mahindra, Jeep, Toyota and KIA have heavy diesel engine portfolio due to UV range of products

  • Maruti’s CNG mix reached to an all-time high level of 19%

  • Tata and Hyundai are following Maruti’s foot step for CNG vehicles

  • Now BEV contributes significant volume for Tata and MG


  • Mahindra Bolero is best-selling diesel vehicle, Wagon-R is best-selling CNG vehicle & Tata Nexon is best-selling BEV

  • Hatchback and small sedan gained volume due to addition of factory fitted CNG option

  • CNG Maruti Ertiga is quite popular among fleet operators

  • SUV/MUV/Crossover completely dominate diesel vehicle list

  • Some SUV/Crossover have low diesel mix due unavailability of automatic transmission option - Tata Nexon, Hyundai Venue & MG Hector

  • Mahindra Thar petrol mix is stable around 25%, clear indication of what city dwellers with limited mobility need with alternate lifestyle choice prefers


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