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How Maruti Suzuki entered the CV Business and became the highest gainer in market share for FY 2021

Maruti Suzuki’s retail channel for Commercial vehicle buyers has become one of the fastest-growing automobile networks with 325+ outlets in 235+ cities. The Commercial channel offers vehicles in two fuel options - gasoline and factory-fitted S-CNG!. It was also the only OEM to grow in the Financial Year 2021.

The Secret Ingredients :

Backed by the assurance of after-sales service with Maruti Suzuki’s extensive service network, the Commercial retail network recently crossed the milestone of 92,000+ sales. Maruti Suzuki Commercial has an expanded portfolio of commercial vehicles for customers involved in cargo/goods carrying businesses.

Maruti Suzuki has gained a stronghold in Commercial Vehicle Sales and was the sole manufacturer to register positive YoY growth for the Financial Year 2021.

  • The flexibility of MSIL to service multi-purpose needs.

  • Cracking Bulk customers, Government orders.

  • Individual Driver Connect Initiatives.

  • Partnership in the profitability of vehicle owners.

  • Satisfying customers with Value-added offerings.

  • Factory fitted CNG+Petrol.

  • Robust Service network brings assurance to trust the brand. Maruti has climbed up the rankings and has delivered the highest growth and volumes shot up by about 7,778 units. At a time when the entire commercial vehicle industry de grew, Maruti Added volumes back to back.

  • Clearly, with a gain of 2.16% in Market share, Maruti has got its priorities right with regards to the commercial business. At a time when all market leaders were struggling, Maruti had a relatively smoother drive into the commercial vehicle business.


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