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Hyundai to recall Kona EV in South Korea

Battery division LG Energy Solution came up with the statement on the development of the batteries utilized by Kona EV done by LG Chem Ltd.

South Korea's vehicle service on Wednesday stated that a Review of 26,699 electric vehicles to be done by Hyundai Motor Co with the remembrance of Kona EVs to be safe in the potential fire chances in South Korea.

The services in an articulation also mentioned that the review will depend on the framework of the Vehicle's battery and will be stated on a survey of 25,083 Kona EVs starting from March 29.

The review is the secondary recall towards the Kona by Hyundai. Kona has been the top-selling electric conveyance for Hyundai. This recall is directing towards the accuracy of the previous recall of the vehicle that took place in October. The first recall was held following a series of fires instead in January one of the most reviewed vehicle was found on fire.

The Kona EV utilizes batteries fabricated by LG Chem Ltd.’s entirely possessed battery division LG Energy Solution.


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