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i20 is ahead of Baleno and Altroz, as the most fuel-efficient premium hatchback!

The premium hatchback segment is where all OEM's wish to showcase their ability to design and deliver hatchbacks with great design and packed with features. This segment is the earlier strong foray of i20 and which was later breached by the Baleno of Nexa. We now have all OEM's having a car here to showcase their capabilities of delivering a hatchback with premium features.

Honda Jazz has always been present in this segment, however, it has not been able to make a dent like its sibling Honda city did in the sedan segment. The new Entrat TAta Atlroz has made a strong footing to start with. VW Polo has had its share of marginal success, where customers who prefer stronger build have opted for Polo.

We also remember the Fiat Punto, which once was a strong contender in this segment. Unfortunately, the volumes didn't kick in.

However, with a facelift of the new Baleno scheduled and the recent global unveil of the VW Polo, and also few new launches in this segment, this segment will surely set the stage for fire.

Auto Punditz presents to you the list of most fuel-efficient Premium Hatchbacks -


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