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India's Highest Selling Used Cars. [Mass market Cars and Luxury Cars]

The used car market in India has been growing at a very rapid rate. We have seen the trend exist for more than the last 5 years.

The pre-owned car market size was more than 4.4 million in FY 2020. If one looks closely this is bigger than the new car industry itself. Also, the used car industry grows at a much faster pace and has been growing consistently. We have multiple players in the used car market, the C2C segment, C2B segment, B2B segment, B2C segment. There are organized players in the used car market, some have embarked on the journey with the semi-organized way of work and we have unorganized players of course.

We see a lot of cars being bought and sold online. The organized players have made conscious attempts to make the direct customer buying/ selling journey easier and convenient. More and more customers have explored the price for their car online. Basis the online transactions we have summed up the most popular selling used cars online.

The above is of course not ranked in terms of volume. but ranked in terms of popularity of transaction. source

  • In the hatchback segment, we have Swift, Wagon r, and Baleno.

  • THE compact UV Segment sees more demand for Brezza. And the UV segment sees more demand for Creta.

  • Honda City has been a long-time favorite in the used car industry.

  • And Innova as a MPV has always garnered a lot of interest amongst buyers.

  • Dzire continues to rule the market with its demand in the hath back segment.

  • From the Mercedes family, we have the E class, C class, and the ever-in-demand GLC and GLE.

  • From Audi, we have the A6, Q3, and A4.

  • The Fiat brand's Jeep Compass has made it to the list since it has spent over 4 years as a new car and attracts good demand in the used car space.


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