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India's segment-wise top cars for April 2021. ALTO, WAGON R, CITY, VENUE, INNOVA, CRETA, AND OTHERS.

We have consistently shared the car sales analysis with our readers. In yet another attempt to help our readers understand the performance of the car sales figures, we present to you the segment-wise analysis for the month of April 2021.

Understanding the Segments.

Car segments are broader categories in which cars can be classified. This helps us understand the market performance of each segment and how each segment is moving.

Also, it helps us to understand which are the top performers in each segment.

Broader Car Segments :

a.) Entry Level Hatchback Primarily 1litre cars. Generally Hatch

Maruti Alto is at Rank 1 of this segment. with a Volume of 17,303 numbers.

b.) Hatchback & Entry Level Sedans :

Sub 4 meter cars in general with about 1.4 litre engines.

WagonR the bread earner of Maruti rules this segment with about a volume of 18,658 numbers.

c.) Sedans

The more than 4-meter sedans up to 4.5 meters with engine sizer of about 1.6 Litres.

Honda City continues to rule this segment, despite challenges from Hyundai Verna and Maruti Ciaz with: 3,128 numbers.

d.) Sedans with travel Boot:

Once the segment dominated by Etios, indigo, and Verito. now, stands deserted. Most of the OEM's have withdrawn from here. The reasons could be many from shrinking of the yellow board segment to nonavailability of Diesel engines.

e.)Executive Sedans:

This segment is where the hatchbacks disappear. They are driven by up to 2-litre engines and are primarily Sedans. The segment is lead by Elentra, with 53 units.

f.)Compact UV These are small sub-four meter UVs. And are priced below 20 lakhs. Primarily ranging around the 10 to 15 lakhs range. The Hyundai Venue lead this segment handsomely with about 11,245 units.

g.) UV The UV is where the national level action is. Almost all OEMs have cars launched here. This is also one of the fastest-growing segments. Hyundai Creta sold more than 12,463 units.

h.) & I.) Executive UV and Superior UVs Cars up to 4700 mm length and beyond 4700 mm length constitute these segments respectively. The segment leaders as Scorpio and Innova Crysta. j.) & k.) Premium UV & Luxury UV In both these segments, the size doesn't matter. nor does the engine transmission. Premium UVs are UVs price above 20 lakhs and below 30 lakhs. & Luxury UVs are UVs with more than 30 lakhs price range. Jeep Compas &Toyota Fortuner are the segment leaders respectively. l.) & m.) VANs with hard and soft tops: The hardtop vans were the segment totally belong and continue to belong to Maruti. Earlier it was Omni and now it's Eeco . And the soft top segment is dominated by Mahindra supro. The VANs are generally categorized as below 10 lakhs.


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