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Indian 3 Wheeler Sales Figures – April 2021. [BAJAJ AUTO SELLS MORE THAN MAHINDRA+TVS TOGETHER]

India is the largest market for three-wheeler vehicles in terms of both sales and production across the globe. The advent of safer, faster, and price-effective 4-wheeled counterparts (say Tata Ace) did raise some serious questions on the sustainability of the industry in recent years. Also, the government’s concern over safety and fuel usage has been worrying the manufacturers. However; the Industry continued to flourish until the BS6 implementation and Covid19 crippled the segment.

The segment continues to gradually climb its way up. Last year April of course was a washout due to the pandemic situation. This Year April has seen a decent comeback for the Three-wheeler Industry.

The Industry in total saw a volume of 13,728 . The passenger mover segment saw a volume of 9,248 and the commercial goods movers saw a volume of about 4,480

  • Bajaj Auto reported a volume of about 13,728 numbers for the month with a market share of about 57.55%. The dominance was also seen in the passenger transport segment of 3 wheelers, where Baja Auto hit a high of 65,.48% market share.

  • Piaggio Vehicles Pvt Ltd came a distant second with 2,543 numbers. This was shown with a balanced performance in both commercial and passenger segments for the month of April. Piaggio closed with a market share of 18.52%

  • Mahindra and TVS had a poor show at the market in the month of April, they registered a volume of 2,043 and 412 respectively.


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