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Indian Cars Exports Statistics – April 2020 to February 2021

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Hyundai and Maruti race to become the No.1 Passenger Vehicle Exporter from India in FY2021! The gap between the two OEMs was a mere 8,791 units for the volumes between Apr'20 to Feb'21. Will Maruti be able to supersede Hyundai to take the top slot in FY2021? March 2021 Exports will be the deciding factor!

OEMwise Exports Statistics for Apr'20-Feb'21 –

- Hyundai was India's No.1 PV Exporter and has a Market Share of over 25% in terms of exports. It exported over 92k passenger cars between Apr'20 to Feb'21.

- Maruti has gained tremendous volumes in Exports and has easily surpassed Ford in FY2021. Maruti has gained one of the highest Market Share increase in exports this year and has placed itself in the second spot.

- Ford registered one of the highest YoY fall in exports and now ranks third in the list. The pandemic has hit the export volumes too for the American automaker.

- Kia has easily overtaken the likes of VW & Nissan in terms of exports in FY2021. Now the Korean Sisters (Hyundai + Kia) command an Export Market share of over 35%!

Modelwise Exports Statistics for Apr'20 to Feb'21 –

List of Top 25 cars exported from India -


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