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Is Kia the most balanced Fuel type OEM in India? [FUEL TYPE ANALYSIS Feb'20]

We have extremes in many cases amongst the OEMs.

Maruti, on the one hand, is extremely dependent on Petrol Fuel type and we also have Mahindra on the other extreme of the spectrum which is more dependent on diesel fuel type sales.

Many OEMs have tried to balance their act like Hyundai, Tata, etc.. But when it comes to Kia Motors, they have the most balanced fuel type portfolio

#) With a total volume of 9,755 petrol cars sold, they have a balanced 58%

#) And with a volume of 6,947 diesel cars sold, the diesel contribution is at a healthy 42%

This shows a balanced approach in both the fuel types.

Kia has hedged its risk by ensuring a strong petrol engine. And at the same time, they have not washed their hands away from the Diesel like MSIL or other OEMs. The diesel engines are equally focussed and supplied in good quantity.

This builds confidence in the minds of the consumers. Even though they may choose a single fuel type, But we are always driven by more options.

Perhaps one could attribute this to the success of Kia In India.


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