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June 2020 Car Sales – Snapshot

Around 1,16,928 passenger cars were sold in the Indian market for June 2020. It was a -47.2% decline over the same period last year (June 2019).

OEM-wise Car Sales for June 2020 –RANKOEMJune’201Maruti Suzuki51,2742Hyundai21,3203Tata11,4194Mahindra7,9595Kia7,2756Renault4,6347Toyota3,8668Ford2,6399MG2,01210Volkswagen1,51011Honda1,39812Skoda79013Nissan57614FCA256TOTAL1,16,928

Maruti Suzuki had one of the highest drop in volume which led to its market share fall by 6.2% in June’20 v/s June’19. Although; Hyundai’s sales degrowth was -49.2%; the Market Share drop was only -0.7%. Tata Motors was the best performer in June’20 in terms of YoY Sales and also led to its market share growth by 3.7%. However; Kia Motors India recorded a Market Share of 6.2% (coincidentally this is the exact percentage of Market Share drop of Maruti!)

Market Share Graph for June’20 –


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