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Kia, Audi, Hero, Bajaj, VE and Mahindra ace the Covid-19 Dealer Support Satisfaction Study!

FADA recently conducted a study in partnership with PremonAsia (a consumer insightbased consulting firm based out of Singapore), to access the dealer satisfaction levels on the package announced in the Covid-19 era by various OEMs to their respective dealers.

The survey pan-India included online study covering dealers from all segments of the market – 4W Cars & UV (Mass market)/ 4W Cars & UV (Luxury)/ 2W (Scooters/ Bikes)/ 3W/ CV (Medium & Heavy)/ CV (Small & Light). It probed Dealer owners & Dealer CEOs of various OEMs across 6 factors –

  1. Support on financial matters

  2. Support on customer communication matters

  3. Support on dealer manpower matters

  4. Support on lockdown related matters

  5. Support on re-start of business

  6. Support on future business evolution

Based on the responses received; the OEMs in the respective categories were ranked and the results are as mentioned –

Passenger Vehicles (Mass Market & Luxury) – 

  1. While the overall rating was weak (satisfaction levels averaging below 600 on a 1000 point scale); OEMs like Kia & Toyota met their dealer partner expectations much better than others.

  2. Tata Motors & Honda Cars dealers rated the respective OEMs the least in the mass market segment.

  3. Kia dealers report stronger level of satisfaction on areas of communication & dealer manpower related matters

  4. While Toyota dealers reported stronger level of satisfaction on areas of financial support – aspects like expediting settlement of all claims and Financial assistance on vehicle inventory.

Two Wheelers – 

  1. Hero Motocorp dealers were the most satisfied ones among the lot. However; it still managed to score only 623 points out of a 1000 point scale. This highlights the dissatisfaction levels at the dealers end due to the business loss occurred by Covid 19 and any extent of support couldn’t substantiate the losses.

  2. Honda came in a close and ranked second in the dealer satisfaction survey.

Three Wheelers & Commercial Vehicles – 

  1. Three Wheelers was the most affected category in the Covid-19 era and the drop in sales was one of the highest among all categories. The same is reflected in the study as well – Even the top ranked Bajaj Auto could only garner 559 points out of the 1000 scale.

  2. CVs (Medium & Heavy) too had a similar plight as that of 3Ws and the Top ranked VE Commercial Vehicles could score only 449 points. Tata Motors was just a point behind VE. However; Ashok Leyland dealers were the most dissatisfied out of the lot.

  3. Mahindra fared the best among LCV dealers and the dealers rated the OEM at 607 points. Surprising to see Tata Motors dealers rating the OEM the lowest in the category!

Source: Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations & PremonAsia Study


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