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Lexus taking rapid steps towards electrification

A very large number of Auto Majors have been showing inclination and investing in the EV platform by establishing huge R & D setups.

Lexus is the latest to join this growing list. The company has confirmed its intentions by signaling that it will launch 10 new electric vehicles by 2025. Two models will be previewed this year. The company will be offering electric variants in all its models by 2025. It also predicts that sales of electric models will be more than that of the ICE technology versions.

Lexus has stated its aims to achieve carbon neutrality through the entire life-cycle of its model lineup: right from manufacturing of materials, parts, vehicles to even logistics and final disposal and recycling of the older vehicles. The company suggested that the Automotive Industry has entered a period, it calls, a once-in-a-century transformation, when the industry will see a tremendous transformation in the coming years.


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