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Luxury Car Sales in India for February 2021

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

As per the Registration data released by FADA, Luxury Cars Sales remain in the red and dipped -27.4% in February 2021. Mercedes remained the best-selling Luxury OEM and was closely followed by BMW in Feb'21.

Source: FADA Research
  • BMW India is on a product offensive mode and is planning to launch 25 new products in the sub-continent to accelerate sales growth. These will include eight all-new products, nice facelifts, and eight variants. The strategy already seems to be working and BMW recorded the lowest YoY fall in Feb'21.

  • BMW India was also able to lessen the gap with the Market Leader Mercedes and was just 23 units short in Feb'21! BMW gained the highest Market Share in Feb'21 and stood at 35.2% last month.

  • JLR superseded Audi to hold the third spot. However; both JLR & Audi India's volumes were dismal in Feb'21.

  • Volvo is further pushed to the fifth rank in the table and it registered a fall of -28.5% YoY.

  • Lamborghini India recently celebrated selling 100 units of its SUV Urus in the Indian market (source). It was able to register overall 2 units in Feb'21.

Note: The above numbers do not have figures from AP, MP, LD & TS as they are not yet on Vahan 4.


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