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Maruti Suzuki posts 1,64,469 volumes with growth of 11.8%

Maruti Suzuki India Limited posted total sales of 164,469 units in February 2021. This is a growth of 11.8% over February 2020.

Total sales in the month include domestic sales of 147,483 units, sales to other OEMs 5,500 units, and exports of 11,486 units.

Key Summary Points :

#) The Compact Cars segment saw a growth of 15.3% . This segment is the biggest contributor to MSIL volumes with about 80,517 cars coming in this segment. This is MSIL’s stronghold and also where the greater chunk of the Industry volumes are here.

#) The Mid-Sized Sedan, Ciaz saw a drop of -40.6%, which primarily continues to show the trend of the sedan segment which is on a steady decline.

#) The UV segment saw a gain of 18.9%. This is in line with the strongest growing segment of the auto industry currently.

#) Vans saw a growth of 5.9%. This segment is dominated by MSIL and there are hardly any other competition OEM’s or products present in this segment.

#) Commercial Segment: This is the segment, Maruti has started capturing strongly. Here we see a strong performance of 507% growth. With a volume of 2722.

#)The Domestic Passenger Vehicle Sales Stood at 1,44,761 which was about 8.3%

#) Total Domestic Sales including Carry [ commercial ] stood at 1,47,483 which was a growth of about 9.9%

#) Sale to Toyota: 5,500 numbers. Which is almost double what was last year Feb.

#)Including exports the volumes stood at 1,64,469. Which is a growth of 11.8%


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