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Maruti beats Hyundai in exports. Retains the Number 1 PV exporter tag. (FY 21-22 YTD)

Passenger vehicle exports grew by 65.75% YTD of FY 21-22. The volumes stood at 3,24,340 units as against 1,95,682 units for the same time period LY. This was a handsome growth of about 1,28,658 units over LY. Exports almost shrunk from a lot of OEM’s however only 13 OEM’s managed to have their export volumes active and even in those we had Toyota and Isuzu managed marginal exports. The rest 11 OEMs have managed to deliver handsome volumes.

  • Maruti fought back and got its rank1 position from Hyundai for the same time period LY. Maruti managed to clock a volume of 1,24,708 units. The market share stood at 38.45% against 20.96% LY. This was a massive 17.49% growth in the market share of Exports for Maruti.

  • Hyundai, during the same time LY was rank1, however, it has lost its rank 1 position to Maruti and got rank2. The Market share stood at 22.62% it was a marginal gain of 0.05%. The volumes stood at 73,529 units.

  • Kia outplaced the rest and retained the rank 3 position. With 27,214 units. This even though was enough to retain the rank 3 position, was a drop of -2.26% in market share over LY. The Lead over Nissan, Ford, and VW was further strengthened with these volumes.

  • VW outplaced Nissan & Ford for Rank 4 position. This was a challenging performance of 25,102 units. However, the market share dropped to 7.74%.

  • Ford with 18,022 units dropped to 5.56% market share. This was a huge drop of 8.71% in the market share.

  • Renault & Honda managed to gain marginal market share ranging from 2.52% to 2.67%. The volumes stood at below 20k for both. Ford managed to inch closer to the 20k mark with 18,022 units and registered a market share of 5.56% in the PV export market.


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