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Maruti Dominates the Hatchback segment with a 64.40% market share. Tata gains highest- July'21.

The Auto Industry for cars saw a total volume of about 18,72,129 units. This was about 86.3% higher than last year's same time period. The last year's volumes stood at 10,04,551 units for the same time period. The growth was about 8,67,578 units over the LY same period.

When we look at the Hatchback segment for the month of July, the volume stood at 1,12,832 units. as against LY 87,851. The growth was about 24,981 units. The growth percentage was about 28.44% for the month of July.

  • Maruti, which has the largest and the most successful hatchback portfolio held a market share of 64.40%. in fact, despite this high market share, Maruti Suzuki grew by 0.50%. The growth in volumes was about 16,528 units which were about 29.44% growth.

  • Next of course came Hyundai, which lost the Market share in the hatchback segment by 2.47%. Hyundai registered a volume of 17,846 units with a growth of about 11.10% and volume growth of about 1,783 units.

  • Tata motors seem to get it right everywhere. In the hatchback segment, Tata Motors' growth was about 53.50% and the volumes stood at 13,774 units. This helped Tata Motors to gain market share in the hatchback segment and closed the month of July at a 12.21% market share.

  • Kia does not have an offering in the hatchback segment and nor does Mahindra. Hence, we have the other set of OEMs now ranking up the order. Renault garnered a volume of about 3,287 units, followed by Toyota which registered a volume of 2,636 units for the month of July'21.

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