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Maruti Nexa beats Tata Motors, retains Rank3 car brand in India. Increases its contribution to MSIL


Maruti Suzuki as we know it has four sales channels. The Arena, Nexa, Commercial and True Value.

The Arena and Nexa channel primarily deal with the sale of new passenger vehicles. There is a very clear demarcation of cars between the two channels, hence it makes an appealing case to understand which channel contributes what volumes to the mother brand.

The Brand Nexa, which has become the third-largest automobile retail brand in five years since its inception in July 2015, is arguably one of the best examples of how customer-centricity can create a premium brand.

  • Nexa Comprises of five models. The first model launch was S-cross, followed by Baleno. Then we had Ignis followed by Ciaz and XL6. The rest of the models are sold through the Maruti Arena Channel.

  • The LY volumes ( Jan to April ) stood at 65,966 TY volumes stood at 1,16,887 numbers. Which was a very handsome jump in volumes of about 7,233 average monthly volumes.

  • Tata Motors on its hand has had a stellar year. Tata Motors has jumped 2 ranks, from Rank 5 LY same time to a podium finish of rank 3 TY.

  • The volume front Tata Motors, TY hit a high of 1,08,955. An average volume of 27,239 numbers.

  • Nexa Continued to retain the rank 3 positions. With a volume of 1,116,887 as against 1,08,955 of Tata Motors. The lead though marginal but still close to 7,932 numbers YTD. Can Tata Motors challenge the mite of Nexa and close on the gap, would be a tight fight this year.

  • Nexa in total had a volume of 1,16,887 numbers. This was a monthly average of about 29,222 numbers.

  • Out of the total Volume of Maruti Suzuki, Nexa volumes LY were a mere 65,966 numbers. Which averaged around 21,989 numbers.

  • LY nexa contributed about 18.86% of the total volumes of Maruti Suzuki. TY currently the channel has upped its contribution to 20.66%.

With Nexa increasing its contribution in the total volume of Maruti Suzuki this year, its pedigree in the Marui Suzuki family has certainly increased. However, that cannot leave the Nexa Channel in comfort since Tata Motors, continues to have a stellar performance. As an OEM it ranks 3 currently and has overtaken Mahindra and Kia. It might as well being targetting to overtake the volumes of Nexa and further strengthen it's position.


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